Icons Gallery Dr. Michael Ewenstein

My service offering for you includes: professional consultation, valuation and restoration of your artifacts as well as shipping of artifacts worldwide.

Through far-reaching international contacts, including old-Russian nobility, it was possible to obtain very rare and remarkable icons.

Benefit from my extensive experience in the art market. I will advise you competently in your purchasing decision.

I am always delighted by the trust invested in our services by icon aficionados and experts in the areas of Russian antiques.

During one of the many antique shows we attend, you will have the chance to gain firsthand experience of the sublime atmosphere of an exceptional collection of icons.

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Bonhams is not only the world’s fastest growing auction house, it is also the world’s oldest and largest auctioneer of fine art and antiques still in British ownership. Today, Bonhams conducts over 700 sales a year, more than any of its rivals worldwide.

For more than 260 years one of the best addresses if it is about art.

The icon museum is in the Old Town of Recklinghausen. The icon museum is the most significant museum of east ecclesiastical art beyond the orthodox lands. In 2006 it celebrates his 50th anniversary.

Old russian icon

Of some icons such as the holy virgin from the 16th century, the praying expect extraordinary mercy.

The representations of saints comprise a necessary part of churches and can be found in the vast majority of homes.

Every icon has its place; some are displayed for admiration on special consoles, others are wall-mounted.

For centuries, monks have been painting icons. Yet, they do not understand themselves as artists. Instead, they see themselves as acting purely in the service of God. Hence, they do not sign their artifacts and remain unknown.

Andrej Rubljow (ca 1370-1430) constitutes one exception. A representative of the Moscow school, his realistic portraits influenced the painting of icons for centuries.

One of his most famous works, the Trinity, was created for the famous Troize-Segijew-monastery.

Russian Icons – a magnificent, complex and sublime world, filled with joy.
Wherein lies the fascination and the essence of icons?

The holy images are uniquely fascinating, surrounded by an exciting history that addresses many of the fundamental questions of life.

Those who visit an exhibition of the Ikonen Galerie Ewenstein will be impressed by its abundant display of icons and the diverse wealth of images.



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